Instagram Sneak Peek

I'm quite a photo-happy person, hence why my instagram is constantly filled with various pictures about my life.
Here's a little insight to @elizabethsboredom...

Lately, I've been wearing a spritz of perfume on my wrists to school and I've chosen the Florentyna White Flowers Scent.

I went a bit lipstick crazy on my trip to England and managed to buy quite a few gorgeous shades. These were just some of the ones I bought.

The other day, these fabulous heels arrived from New Look and I've been excited to wear them ever since! Their cobalt blue colour is honestly gorgeous.

Three of my purchases from my trip into Durham. Pretty little flats from New Look, a purse and a necklace - both from Accessorize.

Obviously, I couldn't resist sharing a couple of snaps from my trip to Paris. That's me outside the Louvre.

So, there's some of my instagram for you all to see! Give me a follow and I'll be more than happy to follow you back.

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