Blindfolded Makeup

A year or so ago, my friends and I did a little challenge thing. Today, we tried it again.

Last time we attempted this, it was hilarious and I was eager to do it again. 

QUICK EXPLANATION: Grab two friends and blindfold them. Get each of them to do half of your face with the makeup. Hope for the best.

Thank you to my darling friends, Laura and Amanda, for doing my makeup! Poor Laura had to wear a beanie because I didn't have another blindfold!

Let's just say there was a very obvious line on my chin and a few clumps that hadn't been very well blended.

Sorry for my weird smiling thing and the fact that you can't see my hair, it was wet and in a bun.

Eye Shadow
The eye shadow we used wasn't too good quality and therefore didn't work as well as we were expecting. Amanda's [left] side blended well whereas Laura's [right] side was a bit smudgy and most ended up in my eyebrow.

The girls did a wonderful job at eyeliner, as you can see. Not one bit actually ended up on my eyelid, all of it underneath.

Hmmm, this one wasn't too pretty. Laura managed to get it all over my cheek, in my eyebrow and on my nose. Amanda, meanwhile, applied mascara to Laura's hand. Very amusing for me, very confusing for them. I think about 1% of the total amount applied ended up on my eyelashes.

Lipstick / Final Product
Oh hey, it's the final look! The lipstick wasn't too badly done, a little smudgy but pretty good! It is hilarious to do so I highly recommend sacrificing one of your friends [or yourself] to be the subject in this!

Apologies for the fact I look hideous, I had just dyed my hair [blog post coming soon on this] and I was wearing old clothes and yep.

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