Kelly Tarltons

Today, my semi-cousin, Becky, took me to our local aquarium! I absolutely love visiting Kelly Tarltons as I'm a huge fan of aquatic animals.

Here are a few of the photos I took! 

 A Gentoo penguin and its adorable little chick!

 Long Finned Eel! I was once bitten by a wild one of these because I was trying to pet it.

A Gentoo penguin grooming itself!

A really cool looking jellyfish!

 My favourite fish, the Lion fish!

 Oh hey, it's me stroking a starfish!

A deep black and white photo of a Gentoo.
A Long Snout Seahorse
This is a Snapper, commonly eaten in NZ.
I have no clue what this fish is but it looks cool.
Clown fish!
Don't know what type of fish but I like this photo!
Hermit crabs are cool crabs.
An array of King penguins.
A bloody large lobster.
Gentoo feeding its baby.
I love me some puffer fish!
Sharks are really hard to take photos of.
And of course, a wonderful stingray!
I had such a fun time and I would definitely recommend going!

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