Meet My Best Friends

I think that by now, you should be introduced to my two best friends. They have featured on my blog and I probably talk about them a lot so here’s a better explanation of them!

I became friends with Laura and Amanda at college/high school, 3 years ago. I was friends with Amanda first because our last names start with T and W [alphabetical order] and I was therefore sat with her a lot in our classes. I don’t really know when I became friends with Laura but she was just part of our big group and eventually I became closer to her. I do, however, know that I used to accidentally call her “Lauren” and she would get annoyed but was too nice to say anything. I still tease her about that to this day.

All three of us started off being in a large group of like, 10 people which was then narrowed down to 4 and finally, Amanda and Laura are stuck with me. [Don't worry, we're still friends with our old group, we're just not as close.]

Amanda and Laura are such a huge part of my life, they’re the people I hang out with most outside of school and I feel like I can share pretty much anything with them! They know so many embarrassing things about me as well as stuff that is really personal.

I like that Laura and I are quite different [sometimes leading to bickering] but it gives me different perspectives on things and I like how Amanda and I are complementary to each other. After knowing these girls for 3 years, I’ve been through Laura’s boy band obsession and so many other things that I can’t imagine sharing with anyone else. And, I know I make Laura put up with my "music videos" I ask her to film with me and I love that they aren't terrified by my weird faces and instead embrace me!

They’ve been really supportive of me starting a blog and Amanda’s even considering making one [yes, yes, yes]! They’ve featured a few times [see if you can find them!]. Amanda is absolutely wonderful at hair and makeup so she’ll probably be helping me with a few things [keep an eye out for my look books] in terms of making me pretty!

So, there you go, my two best friends. 

Laura | Me | Amanda

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