Movie Review: About Time

Now, I generally don't have the patience to watch movies very often, I'm much more of a tv show person but every once in a while I head down to the video shop and rent a DVD.

Earlier in the day, I had seen one of Ellie Goulding's music videos for her song "How Long Will I Love You" and it was a movie music video [here is the video I watched and for some reason it has Vietnamese lyrics at the bottom of the screen?] and I had noticed that Rachel McAdams was in it, which immediately made me think that it was a song written for a movie. So when I was at the video shop and saw the poster [picture up top of this post] it immediately made me want to rent it as well as the fact that it had one of my favourite actors, Bill Nighy, in it.

About Time is a story of a man called Tim [Domhnall Gleeson] who can travel back in time, as all the men in his family can. Some of the times he goes back causes laughs and other times full out sobbing. The movie has sad and happy parts to it but the sad parts are gut-wrenchingly sad and I had tears pouring down my face. 

Because of the whole "time travel" part, I wasn't sure how well I would be able to take it seriously but the production and writing of it was done so well that I had no qualms about believing it. All the actors were amazing, especially Domhnall Gleeson who I've seen in the Harry Potter series as well as in episode 1 of series 2 of Black Mirror.

I highly recommend this movie as it was an absolutely stunning piece of work with some of the best actors in the business [cough, cough, Bill Nighy]. I honestly think this movie is going to become one of my favourite movies of all time, it was that good.

It is available on DVD in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the US as well as other countries.


  1. I was thinking about watching this but wasn't sure about it, I think I will check it out though :) Great review! x

    1. It's such a good movie! Definitely watch it! x


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