Out and About: Goat Island

Today I went on a school trip to a beach two hours from Auckland for biology. It was the kind of day I love, grey and stormy [no rain though!] and we headed down to the sand and sea to get to work recording data. I took some photos because who wants to work?

The grass was just the most gorgeous shade of green and this photo does no justice.
View on the right of where I was standing.
View on the left of where I was standing.
People from my school gathered on the beach.
Out on the rocks.
The waves were crashing so loudly and I loved it.
Annoying ducks and seagulls that decided to bother us whilst we were eating lunch.
What I was looking at whilst eating lunch.
 And that was my day. It was pretty good for a school day with some interesting moments such as my friend slicing her foot open on a barnacle and bleeding everywhere and nearly falling over as we clambered on the rocks. It was pretty exhausting not to mention the fact I also spent 4 hours on the road getting to and from there. I saw some pretty hilarious and disgusting things at the marine biology centre there; holding a starfish that squirmed around, squirting a sea squirt and watching a clam attack. 
All in all, quite the adventure.

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