Vanilla Cupcakes

Get your oven mitts on, it's time for another baking post!
I was sick on the day that I baked these cupcakes and therefore decided to use a packet mix. I used Betty Crocker's Vanilla Cupcake Mix from my local supermarket. The box contained the above stuff.

Oh hello freshly baked cupcakes! The texture of these was amazing, the lightest and fluffiest cupcakes I've ever had.

I then set to work decorating them! I used the icing that the packet had but added some more vanilla essence as it wasn't quite to my taste. It ran out so I magically came up with the idea to use nutella for the last few.

These were the vanilla icing ones. Some turned out better than others as you can quite clearly see! I'm pretty proud of that one in the middle, it looks very delicious.

And here are the nutella ones [with one vanilla one chilling too]! They look so amazing and they tasted even better than they look.

Look at that fluffiness! The cupcakes were absolutely gorgeous and that was basically the point of this; for me to show you that I baked some damn good cupcakes.


  1. Oh dear! They look delicious. And so...fluffy ? Sorry, I can't think for the word in english. But it looks amazing!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe


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