White Elephant & Rose Day

Hi! Yesterday, I popped down the road to the school near me as it was their annual fair. They have heaps going on [food, entertainment, games, crafts, etc] but my favourite is always the White Elephant sale that they have!
Every year, I buy something pointless that I don't need but get anyway so where better to show off what I bought than here on my blog!
All the money is NZD.

I actually picked up these jars not that long ago but they're so cute I couldn't help but include them! They cost $1 each and I've chosen to fill two of them with my loose change! I'm hoping to do something a bit more creative with the others though.

This lil thing is the fattest bird I have ever seen. I like to call it a pigeon because pigeons are my spirit animals but I don't know if it actually is one. Either way it's bloody adorable and only cost 66c!

I also picked up this makeup bag for 66c but I don't really know what I'm going to use it for? I was thinking a pencil case but it's a bit too big for that. Anyway, an amazing deal so I couldn't help but grab it.

Next up is a gorgeous frame that I managed to snag for $1 [I gave the lady $2 though, because charity and all that] and I decided to put a picture of my darling cat in it. The photo is actually one I took for my blog and you can find it here! The frame has an amazing pattern and is cream and navy blue which doesn't show up too well in the photos. I've been looking for a frame for ages so I'm really happy!

This box is filled with completely random trivia, which if you know me, I love! This only cost 66c again so I feel it would have been ridiculous for me not to buy! I love, love, love The White Company so I think it's pretty cool I managed to get this.

And finally, this has nothing to do with the White Elephant sale but today was Rose Day at our school where you send a rose to someone and all the money goes towards our Environmental Committee [so it's a good cause!]. I purchased 8 roses as I was feeling generous and they were [hopefully] delivered to everyone! One of them was a more random rose that I sent to my neighbour as it's her first year at my school and I just thought it would be nice. Another was sent as a joke to my "husband" as I call him and then the rest were for some of my closest friends. My darling Susan gifted this gorgeous orange rose for me and I really love it!

So, there were the things I bought from the White Elephant sale as well as my rose! Do you often go to sales or anything like that?

Elephant for logo taken from www.hikingartist.net


  1. love the make up bag and the frame with your cute cat in it! xx

    1. Thank you! I'm obsessed with that frame and the photo in it! x


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