Exams. Oh, that dreaded word. Most of you lovely readers are in the Northern Hemisphere and will therefore be doing their end-of-school-year examinations. However, I'm not even really half way through my school year so the exams I've just done are my mid-year ones.

I find that I tend to procrastinate a great deal before exams and convince myself that I can get away with not studying or doing the smallest amount possible. This never works but I still do it every time. I waste away precious studying time watching TV, on YouTube, tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and, of course, Blogger. I then stumble through the exams, not having a clue whether my sheer luck would get me a high grade because it certainly wouldn't be my studying that would.

It's Tuesday evening as I write this and I did my last exam on Thursday so my results are starting to trickle back in. I'll pop them down below just because I'm sure some of you are nosey like I am! I'm disappointed with some and pleasantly surprised with others. I was completely unprepared for what I might get although I did know that I could redo some and that some counted for absolutely nothing [making myself feel a little better right here].

At school, it seems that all the teachers drone on about in assemblies are study techniques. Mine consists of reading. I don't take notes at school so I rely on textbooks which is probably not the best method. This post has been terrible and kind of pointless but I just wanted to share with you that I know exams suck and I would happily complain for days about them.

cookies get me through exams
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If you want to see the grading system, have a little look here.

  • Interpretation of Unknown Texts - Achieved
  • Essay on Written Text - Not Achieved
  • Graphs - Not Achieved
  • Algebra - Not Achieved
  • Writing of a Brief - Excellence
  • Causes and Consequences Essay on an Historical Event - Merit
  • Report on a Biological Investigation - I left the exam early and so did not finish and will complete later.
  • Mechanics - Achieved
  • Nuclear Physics - Merit

So, not the best results but oh well, most of these don't count and the ones that do can be redone so I'm content. How did your exams go? What is your study technique?


  1. I feel the exact same as you do about exams! This is great!

    1. Finally! This actually makes me feel so relieved x


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