In case y'all didn't know [which you should because it's just up there in my navigation!], I have an Instagram! I haven't had it for very long, only a few months but I am hooked. I thought I'd share a few of my fave snaps with you as well as some of my favourite people to follow. Have a little click on the links!
Photos: Mine

From left to right:

These photos make me happy and I love, love, love the one of my kitty; I think it's adorable. In terms of people I follow, I'm pretty select and adore minimalist, design-style Instagrams. 

Some of my favourites are:

I highly suggest you go check these out [as well as mine hehe] as I love the simplicity, etc. of their Instagrams. I don't just follow those kind of Instagrams so I will most definitely look at yours and like at least one of your photos if you follow me! Also as you may have noticed, all my photos have a circular frame! I'm quite obsessed with circles and I just think they make everything look clean. Have a little look at my Instagram and I'll be overjoyed!


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