DIY Animal Print Phone Case

A super duper easy DIY for you lovelies!
You will need: Scissors | Pencil | Phone | Transparent Phone Case (iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S or Samsung Galaxy S4) | Animal Print Origami Paper
Trace around your phone onto the back of the origami paper
Cut it out!
Slot in the paper to make sure it fits (if it doesn't, make adjustments!)
Lay the case on top of the back side of the paper. Make sure the case is on its back.
Trace the camera area and then cut it out
Pop your phone in the case and you're done!

Then go ahead and make more because they're adorable.
Hope you like this little DIY! Honestly, it is so cheap, especially compared to actual phone cases you can buy. If you're using a Samsung phone, it'll probably be ever so slightly longer because there are more parts to cut out. Hope y'all liked this, I love doing DIYs so let me know if I should do more!

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