Out and About: Auckland Zoo

The Zoo
I have found that this is quite a controversial topic so I shall address my feelings towards it right now. Obviously, I am completely against animal cruelty and I would never visit somewhere where that occurs. Auckland Zoo has never [as far as I have known] had a "scandal" to do with ethics/mistreatment/etc and that is why I am quite happy to visit there. Other zoos however, such as ones in places like China, treat their animals horribly and should be closed down. Auckland Zoo does a great job at rescuing animals and helping to conserve species [such as the Tasmanian Devil] and therefore, such be commended for their efforts. Another important factor in zoos are the enclosures. Obviously nothing can compare to the wild but Auckland Zoo's enclosures are suitably sized for each animal, bigger and more active animals such as tigers having large open spaces as well as toys and space to be away from visitors. Overall, Auckland Zoo is the best zoo I've been to in terms of animal keeping and if you're in town, I highly recommend you spend a day there!
Now, on to the best part; photos! All photos were taken by me or my father and if you wish to use any of these, please contact me.

This is probably my favourite photo. Look at that cute little Red Panda!
Meerkats are just the best.
Having a little yawn!
All wrapped up in a blanket on a cold winter's day.

This cute little face reminds me of one of my friends! Just look at those gorgeous eyes.
To me, these are little old grandpas in monkey form.
I fell a bit in love with the cheetahs.
Coat from Mirrou

Funny Bits
"I'm so done with being a lemur." | "I will kill you." | "Mmm, nice ass."
Hope you enjoyed them! Let me know which photo you liked best!


  1. I'm the same, I only visit zoo's that are doing good for the animals! Zoo's that are purely for making business are completely wrong!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. Good to know there's someone else who feels the same way :)

  3. totaly in love with cheetah pics! looks so cute and dangerous!



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