My beautiful friend, Laura
Yes, I'm aware that I'm doing completely the wrong pose; I'm an idiot.

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 Ever since 2002, Auckland hosts the Diwali Festival; a celebration of lights. It's amazing to immerse yourself in Indian culture as you wander around stalls, performances and art. Laura and I managed to make our way through the busy street, glancing at beautifully coloured clothing and decorations. We eventually grabbed some food (the Diwali Festival is entirely vegetarian seeing as the large majority of India is) and sat on the grass lawn, watching as people walked by. In the main building, there was artwork on display as well as musical performances and stunning back drops and props for photos. I love the Diwali Festival and have been going for as long as I can remember; only now properly appreciating it. Despite being not allowed to go on a ride (because I'm apparently "too old"), I really enjoyed wandering around the city and experiencing the culture.

Are there any Diwali celebrations going on around where you are? Let me know!

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