Halloween: Deer Makeup

Now, in New Zealand, Halloween is not a big thing. But I decided to practice my makeup skills and become a deer.

You will need:
Liquid Eyeliner; preferably in pen form
Red Lipstick
Bronzer; preferably rather dark
Foundation; lightest shade you can find or if you can't, just use a super dark bronzer
Brown Eyeshadow
White Eyeshadow
Concealer; light shade

Okay, so prime up your face, you want everything staying put! 
Apply foundation and take your bronzer heavily across your cheek bones and at the corners of your temples. Blend it in slightly but not too much; you really need the colour to be maximised. 
Fill in your eyebrows and, with the brown eyeshadow, follow the line of them down your nose. Brush bronzer in on either side and try to make the line as less obvious as you can (I forgot to do that as you can tell!). 
Take the highlighter and apply it down the bridge of your nose and then blend it in with white eyeshadow. 
At the end of the nose, fill in a bit with the liquid eyeliner and add an arched top for emphasis. 
For the eyes, do a huge circle of white, reaching all the way up to the eyebrows as well as down to meet the bronzed cheek bones. 
Line your eyes with winged eyeliner and apply mascara. 
Finally, pop on some lipstick and use concealer (you can use white paint or whatever for this) and dot it onto the bronzed part of your cheeks.
And you're done! Add some antlers for a much better costume and have a wonderful Halloween!

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