Winter Weekend

I'm going to be heading off to Europe in December and I'll be travelling to different members of my family for weekends and such so I thought I'd start planning some outfits! Also, many of you are currently experiencing winter so this might be good for you who're thinking about having a weekend away.

Because I'll most likely be travelling by train, I didn't want a huge bag to lug about so the carryall is perfect for just the weekend. An umbrella is a major necessity in winter because you never know when rain may fall! Mine is a super adorable cat that literally everyone compliments me on. It even has a name; Gertrude. Sunglasses are also rather important as the sun can still be glaring in your eyes and they can also protect eye makeup if it's raining! And everyone knows how wonderful a fluffy knitted snood scarf is!

A good, easily wearable coat is the most important thing in my opinion. I adore this biker style coat with the super flattering pinch in at the waist and then flaring out. It did come with a belt but I just thought it was a hassle so got rid of it. Even though it has been rained on a ridiculous amount of times, there's no wear and tear.

Shoes. For me, a weekend only really requires one pair of good ol' sturdy shoes. These boots are pretty dang amazing and their neutral colour means I can wear them with literally anything. Because they're suede, I waterproofed them for those times walking through puddles! Obviously, you need a handbag and I love this cute white satchel that I bought for the ridiculously cheap price of $8.

With an oversized cardigan, you can never go wrong! This one is warm enough to wear by itself on a slightly cold day and light enough to wear under a coat on a freezing day. Perfect. A jumper is easy to pull on over anything and the neutral black and white colours go with everything! Also makes for great hugs with the fluffiness.

A quarter-length sleeved top means you can wear it without that annoying gather up at your wrists when you put on an extra layer. This grid pattern is really minimalist and pretty and would look cute under the cardigan. Because I don't really own long-sleeved tops due to Auckland's weather, a short sleeved tee will have to suffice. The blankness allows me to pair any kind of jewellery with it and make it look cool with the striped jumper.

Jeans are a must, obviously. This pair is super warm and also really soft. A skirt however, especially one as short as this, isn't really something you'd expect to wear in winter. But, with a pair of snug tights, I think it'd be a great way to use your summer clothes!

So those are a few of the items I'll definitely be packing when I head overseas to take on two-day trips! What are some of your necessities?


  1. Great big bag!

    1. I love it so much and it was ridiculously cheap too!


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