Nail Polish Collection

  1. Kmart (Greylicious)
  2. No7
  3. Sally Hansen (Dorien Grey)
  4. Miki (Gold Glitter 19)
  5. Miki (Dark Pink 10)
  6. Sally Hansen (Petrol)
  7. Topshop (Velvet Underground)
  8. Maybelline (Paint the Town)

  1. Miki (Light Pink 12)
  2. Sally Hansen (Lavender Cloud)
  3. No7
  4. Topshop (Pool Party)
  5. Miki (Dark Red 9)
  6. Revlon (Angelic)
  7. Kmart (Nude Pump)
  8. Depend (054)
  9. Topshop (Parma Violet)

  1. Manicare
  2. Glam Nails
  3. Sally Hansen

By the way, I apologise heartily for not blogging in ages, there has just been so much going on in my life (including the fact that today is my birthday) and blog posts haven't been my priority. Hope you all understand!

A little run down on my nail polishes! This is only a couple of my polishes, I actually have quite a few more but I just never use them so there's no point showing you! Last year I did a blog post on the polishes but it was terrible so hopefully this one's a bit better! Sally Hansen is my favourite brand because everything about the polishes is top quality; the brushes, the paint, the drying, pigmentation, etc. I love Miki though because of how cheap it is and so I tend to branch out of my comfort zone in terms of colours a bit more with that brand.

Which brand or colours do you like the best?

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