Mini Makeup Haul

Today I popped into a pharmacy and spotted some cheap, drugstore makeup and figured I might as well try it out, so here's my mini haul!

I needed some new mascara and unfortunately I am allergic to the one brand I wanted; Maybelline, so instead I picked up the Designer Brand Outrageous Volume Mascara for only 10NZD and it came with a free Designer Brand Hi-Lights Illuminator so win-win situation.

As you may know, I'm obsessed with Miki products as you can tell from this blog post where I mentioned I had 5 bottles of their nail polish!  The pharmacy I was in had a bigger range of their products than I've normally seen and therefore I had to pick up two of their lipsticks; Runaway Red and Fuchsia Fun. I haven't ever used the lipsticks so a review will be coming soonish. Bonus; they were only 8NZD together!

Finally I got the Designer Brand Concealer in the shade 607 Natural. I was a bit worried that for such a cheap price [10NZD], it would be a bit crap but I desperately needed a concealer so I put it in my basket. I've already tried the foundation and it has a lovely consistency and good coverage so I'm pretty happy!

Literally just now, I've realised that I forgot to add in the other beauty product that I also bought but I cannot be bothered to take photos and upload them, etc, etc. so you shall just have to wait till I do a review on it!

Hope you liked this! I'm not really a beauty person but I would love to get a bit more into it!


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