Cookies, Cake & Chocolate Mousse!

For some unknown reason, I was feeling particularly inspired to eat the other day and whipped (literally for the mousse) up these goodies. 
P.S. I used an electric mixer which will give you the best results.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe:

- Cream together 125g of softened butter with 3tbsp of condensed milk¼ cups of white sugar and a few drops (I used a lot) of vanilla essence.
- Sift in 1½ cups of plain white flour and 2tbs of baking powder.
- Combine in ½ cup or more of chocolate chunks and roll into balls, baking for 15-20 minutes at 180ºC.

Golden Butter Cake:

- Cream together 250g of softened butter, 1 cup of caster sugar and a few drops of vanilla essence (again, I used a lot).
- Add 3 eggs, 1¼  cups of self raising flour and ⅓ cup of milk, mixing thoroughly.
- Add another 1¼  cups of self raising flour and  cup of milk.
- Bake for 1 hour at 180ºC and dust with icing sugar to complete.

Chocolate Mousse:

- Melt 300g of dark chocolate (the better the quality, the better the taste).
- Beat together 3 eggs and ¼ of caster sugar till the mixture has doubled in size and is thick.
- Fold in the melted chocolate along with 1tbsp of cocoa powder.
- Separately, whip 300mL of cream till thick.
- Carefully combine the two bowls together, making sure you don't stir.
- Freeze for at least an hour and you're ready to serve (I added grated chocolate on top for extra yumminess).

Hope you enjoy the treats! Also, if you're not quite as enthusiastic as I was, you can easily use packets to make life a tonne easier!
A little tip; if you want to stencil something, just cut it out of paper and place on top whilst dusting! The 'P' is for my brother.

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