Red Lip and Natural Eyes Makeup

1. BB Cream | 2. Red Lipstick | 3. Kohl Eyeliner | 4. Eyelid Primer | 5. Face Primer | 6. Mascara | 7. Pressed Powder
1. Base Eyeshadow | 2. Secondary Eyeshadow | 3. Highlight Eyeshadow | 4. Crease Eyeshadow | 5. Eyebrows

Prime your lovely face with both an eye primer and a face primer.
Pop on some BB Cream (or foundation if you like a heavier coverage) and dust some pressed powder over top.
This is the part when you apply the eyeshadow! Gently sweep shade 1 all over your lid. Take shade 2 and bring it from the outwards in towards your nose. Take shade 3 and apply some just under your outer brow and in the inner corners of your eyes. Finally, use shade 4 to define your crease.

Carefully fill in your brows with your natural shade (mine being number 5).

Apply mascara and the kohl liner. I decided to give the liner a miss but I know a lot of people love liner. I also used some makeup remover because I clearly cannot apply mascara.
Pop on some lip balm and then, taking your red lipstick, apply the colour with a brush to get the perfect shape.
And you're done!

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The red lip is definitely the main focus in this look, hence the super natural eyes. Hope you like this, it's a bit different for me!

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