Winged Eyeliner: Thick & Thin

You will need an eyeliner pencil in a light colour as well as a black liquid liner pen.

I always find it's much easier to practice with no other makeup on your eyes as if you need to remove it, you don't have to smudge anything else! Starting with bare eyes, draw in a thin flick on the edge with a eyeliner pencil (I used a grey one so it doesn't show up as much). Don't try to line the rest of your eyes. Taking your liquid liner, draw along your eye-line, hugging your lashes.
Finally, draw over the stencilled flick and even it up. Remember to try and keep everything as minimal as possible. A smaller flick looks best when doing thin wings.
Once again, for the thick wing, start off with a bare eye. Because I find thick eyeliner a little more tricky, I didn't put any other makeup on as I tend to smudge foundation, etc.
This time, instead of only drawing the flick on with the eyeliner pencil, draw the entire shape making sure to evenly thicken it towards the wing. Do the same thin line of liquid eyeliner as before and then slowly build it up till it's as thick as you desire (I don't really suit thick eyeliner so I've tried to make mine quite simple). Remember, one eye is always going to be better than the other so don't fret too much if they're not perfectly even on your first try.

Hopefully this was semi-helpful and you'll be rocking those wings in no time! 
Sorry about the weird lighting in the first photos, the weather was not behaving!

Check out the finished obligatory twitter pics:
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