Sick Day Makeup

I find that on a day when you're sick or a bit down, some makeup can make you feel ever so slightly better. I tried to keep everything as natural as possible and as basic as I could.

BB Cream instead of foundation is much friendlier to your skin and generally they tend to be moisturising which is excellent for a sick day.
Pressed Powder can put the colour back into your skin if you use a toned one instead of translucent.
Blush is just pretty and therefore makes you feel pretty! I put very little on but oh well.
Eyeshadow can get rid of those tired, pale eyelids by using neutral colours to correct everything looking sick.
Eyeliner Pencil is much easier to apply compared to gel or liquid as it can be smudged out which is pretty good for lazy sick days.
Mascara is a necessity for me, I feel 10 times better when I wear it.
Lipstick that is hydrating and fairly neutral is something I love for days where you're not at your best. This lipstick has a bit of shimmer which adds a bit more pzazz.

What's your must have makeup items on a sick day?

Products used available online:
Elf Rosy Beige Pressed Powder
Elf Pink Passion Blush
Elf Black Eye Brightening Eyeliner Pencil
L'Oreal False Lash Wings
Chanel Rouge Coco Superstition Lipstick

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