Spring/Autumn Haul

Kmart Yellow & Grey Cushion | $6 | Similar
Valley Girl Dusty Blue Shorts | $9 | Similar | Similar

Valley Girl Laser Cut Top | $15 | Similar

Kmart Wedges | $25 | Similar

Kmart Sandals | $9 | Similar

Spring has just arrived in New Zealand but for most of you, it'll be Autumn! Luckily the seasons are pretty interchangeable with each other (in my opinion) and therefore these items should work for both.

-A good pair of jeans is so difficult to find but I've fallen in love with those babies. On colder days, pop them on and you're in snuggle heaven.
-The cushions are amazing, they're so squishy and they go with the yellow/black/grey/white theme I have going on in my room.
-Baby blue is one of the most gorgeous colours and since I don't hugely suit tight shorts, flowy ones are the best for a warm day!
-I literally live in that slouch top, I've even slept in it! Best thing to have when you start to cool down.
-The laser cutting on this top is so pretty and feminine which makes it perfect for the season.
-Okay, rabbit headband; what? It was a spur of the moment purchase (I mean, it's so cheap, how could I not?!) and I adore it.
-The necklaces I have gotten so much wear out of already, the black minimalist triangle is for everyday use whilst the blue is a bit more fancy.
-These wedges, oh my god. I love them to bits, they are so comfortable (they have special padding) and they look pretty cool.
-Spring wouldn't be Spring without a dainty pair of sandals so for only $9, they came home with me.

What's your favourite item for Spring / Autumn?


  1. The laser cut top and wedges are amazing!

    I'm glad I found your blog - you have great taste ^^
    You can come visit my blog if you'd like
    ♡ Unicorn Sanctuary(◕‿◕✿)


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