TV Shows I'm Loving

Orange is the New Black
- Unfortunately, New Zealand was only able to premiere this very recently, hence why I'm so late on the bandwagon. Nevertheless, I love this show! Not a fan of some of the characters but I definitely love Poussey, Nicky, Suzanne and Morello. I've only managed to watch the first season and some of the second because I currently have exams but I'm so hooked! Let me know which characters are your favourites! (Also, Daya & Bennet's relationship is adorable)

Bob's Burgers
- Now, I've liked this show for quite a while now but lately I have been absolutely loving it. Every single one of the characters has me laughing and watching this show with my dad is always amusing. Linda is probably my favourite but honestly, they all are so close to each other because they're all hilarious in different ways. Also, an actress I really like is the voice actor for Louise so, bonus!

I'm always interested in new shows to watch so drop me a comment sometime! Or... make friends with me on my new blog instagram; @elizabethsboredom (link up the top there).

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