Hello 2014!

It’s officially 2014!

And I’m here to do another text post! To be honest, I don’t really have much planned for this year, I want to go with the flow a bit more and be very relaxed. So, no real New Year resolutions.

I just thought I would share my New Years’ experience with you all because it was rather interesting [for me anyway]…

I started off the evening by heading to one of my best friends’ house [Amanda is seen in this blog post] and dropping off all my stuff as I was sleeping over. I debated between a cute lil playsuit and a loose dress but ended up choosing the dress as it was a lot more comfortable. I paired it with a pair of cream wedges and my Sally Hansen nail polish in the colour 410 Lavender Cloud [featured here]. I had had my hair in plaits during the day and so I just undid them and got some lovely heat-free waves.

Dress: 12NZD from Temt, Shoes: 45NZD from Rubi

We hopped on a bus to go to the city and just walked around a bit, people watching and all that. At around 11pm, we headed to a suburb that is very popular for its beach and so there were heaps of people there. We didn’t have any particular plans and, after getting an ice cream, we just chatted on a bench watching a few early fireworks.

By this time, we had obviously experienced a few drunk guys trying to chat us up [including this one guy who lovingly shouted “Ay, you look good motherfucker!” and proceeded to do the worst wolf whistle I have ever heard] so when another guy said hello we thought nothing of it. However, his tone got more and more aggressive and was asking personal questions and getting way too close for our comfort. At this point I was ready to attack if he touched any of us. We were now exceedingly uncomfortable and every person that passed, we begged with our eyes for them to do something [we were in a more secluded part]. Finally, one guy and his girlfriend talked to him and whilst his back was turned, we ran. Honestly, he terrified me with how aggressive he was getting, all while still drinking [drinking in public is legal here].

Then came the countdown! Obviously we all wished each other a Happy New Year and just had a bit of fun for a while. If you know me, you know I cannot go very long without food so we went to the only open fast food place and I bought myself some food. As we were ordering, the same bloody guy appeared right behind us, still acting all creepy. He remained with us for a good ten minutes, 9 minutes and 59 seconds longer than I was comfortable with. Finally, he left and we didn’t see him again for the rest of the night but I still felt like every few minutes he would appear.
My gorgeous friend Laura and me
We didn’t particularly want to stay out too much longer as it was pretty cold and more and more creepy guys started appearing. On the walk home not only did we encounter a few drunk guys creepily wishing us a Happy New Year but for some reason, my brother and two of his friends came sprinting along the pavement at 1:30am. My brother and I exchanged confused looks before he continued and disappeared. Odd child.

We got home but all three of weren’t particularly tired so we put on the movie ‘Bewitched’ and just chilled for a while. When I got to Amanda’s house, I suffered an allergy from her cat which occasionally happens around pets. My eye swelled up like a balloon and I struggled to breathe, so that was fun. After that, at around 3:30am, we went to sleep so it wasn’t a late night or anything but it’s the kind of thing I like to do; nice and relaxed.
Amanda, Laura and me
On the 1st, I just played board games with my family and it was a nice way to spend the day.

So, that was my New Years! Feel free to let me know about how yours went because I love to read those sorts of things.

P.S. I’m aware I’ve done two long text posts in a row so I will try and break my next post up a bit so it’s not all the same.

I wish you all a happy and safe 2014.

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