Out and About: Wynyard Quarter and Shopping

Today I had a lovely day out with my wonderful friends Laura and Amanda in the heart of Auckland [New Zealand], Wynyard Quarter. We strolled along, stopping for ice cream and eventually ended up shopping [blog post coming soon on that hopefully!]. I had a really relaxing day and it was so nice to catch up with my girls again. I even managed to get to the top of the walkway, a big achievement for me considering how terrified of heights I am! I hope you enjoy the photos even though they're a bit shoddy due to the fact they were taken on my phone.

My darling friend Amanda and me

My bubblegum and creme caramel ice cream!

The Harbour Bridge

Weird little sculptures like this were all around, they're very cute!

A sculpture that I have swung from myself

Walking on a grid floor, 'twas actually a lot higher up that it looks!

View from the top

Another view from the top

Walking down the corridor

Underneath the walkway

Looking up at the walkway, it's quite high!

Wynyard Quarter!

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