Product Review: Body Collection Body Butter

I was gifted a few things for my birthday back in December and didn't really get round to using most of them till now but the other day I was rifling through a box and stumbled across this wondrous thing! First of all, the box is so cute and just makes me happy looking at it and secondly, the body butter is amazing. It well and truly hydrates my skin and it feels a lot softer as well as smelling gorgeous. I find it really difficult to use products daily but I've been using this every morning and I just love it so much! Although this is clearly an Australian product, it was available in New Zealand and therefore I'm sure it or something very similar will be available somewhere near you! The website is literally the most unhelpful thing ever so I cannot find it! I also have no clue of the price because it was a gift but if you can get your hands on it, I would without a second thought buy it. [Update: Price is 18.99NZD and I found it at my local pharmacy]

Also, small note; this is my 25th post! I'm so proud of myself for actually committing and although I'm posting really regularly, 25 posts is actually quite a lot!

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