Out and About: Art Gallery

The other day I spent a little while with my mother at the Wallace Arts Centre admiring the paintings, sculptures and the grounds. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me so the photos aren't brilliant quality as they're taken on my phone. I wouldn't call myself an artistic person but I do admire some forms of art and the amount of talent some people have amazes me.

This was a giant sculpture of Superman's head. I didn't understand it but it was amazing anyway.
There wasn't anything particularly amazing about this but I did love it.
This was just a cool little canvas and I liked the symmetry of it.
I absolutely loved this ceiling decoration and if I had it in my house I would never stop looking up.
I can't remember whether this was a photo or a painting but either way it's stunning.
Me outside the amazing building where the paintings are housed.
Me standing under a huge tree. It looks like Autumn but it's Summer!

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