So basically, I have an insane love for animals and somehow managed to convince my parents to let me have a few pets.

I shall start off with a previous history of animals...

My first pet was a fish [generic, I know] and I don't really remember too much 'bout all that but I remember they were goldfish. After that, I got a rabbit! She was called Flopsy and was this gorgeous bunny that would calmly sit on your lap and I loved her. Unfortunately, my dad felt sorry for her and decided to let her have a little run around and basically she escaped and I never saw her again. *sad face*

Currently, I have a few wonderful pets! I have a ginger tomcat called CeeFee who lazes around and is constantly hungry. He doesn't particularly liked to be picked up which makes me sad because I love lap cats. Then, I have two mini lop rabbits; Hiccough [pronounced hick-up] and Mumble. I got Hiccough first and then Mumble. They're brother and sister but from different litters [my neighbours are rabbit breeders]. Then, I have multiple species of tropical fish including tetras, mollies, guppies, etc. Unfortunately fish are quite difficult to take photos of so no photos of them, sorry!

Now that the boring writing bit is over and done with, here are my babies! [minus the fish]

Hiccough being all cutesy with his paws

Mumble in the foreground and Hiccough in the background

Mumble looking extremely photogenic

Hiccough bounding through the grass

Mumble eating grass

Hiccough just chilling

Hiccough and Mumble exploring

CeeFee rolling around on his favourite sheepskin rug

Look at those gorgeous ears!

CeeFee featuring my hand

A very content looking cat

Isn't he just perfect?

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